Treblemakers Visit Ursuline to Perform in Taylor Made

Treblemakers Visit Ursuline to Perform in Taylor Made

Olivia Hastie '18, Arts and Entertainment Editor

On the evening of Saturday April 14th, the Montrose Treblemakers visited Ursuline Academy for their concert “Taylor Made.” “Taylor Made” was inspired by Montrose’s own A Cappella Jam and was hosted and produced by the Ursuline Bearitones. The name “Taylor Made” was created by Ursuline’s Cara Depietro, a junior who is the current president of Ursuline’s a cappella group. Ursuline Academy hosted the concert to honor a member of the Ursuline class of 2017, Taylor Manning, who died in 2012. The concert raised over $2000 for Tt’s Grotto located at a YMCA, which Taylor and her family are closely related to.

The concert’s program consisted of five groups: Ursuline, Montrose, and three groups from Bishop Feehan. Ursuline opened the concert with the classic Spice Girls song Wannabe. The Montrose Treblemakers performed as the first guest group and sang A Thousand Years, Under the Sea, and My Heart Will Go On. Looking out from the stage, there was not an empty seat in the house. In fact, it was standing room only. The Bishop Feehan groups blew us away with their rendition of many fabulous songs; however, one song stood out in particular.

Each song was introduced by a little speech from one of their group members.  A girl wearing Bishop Feehan’s color green walked out and discussed the older Disney Channel shows: the shows that many of the Upper School students knew and loved, and still love today. The small speech ended with “To remind us what dreams are made of.” And yes, the group channeled their inner Lizzie Mcguire and sang the Montrose favorite What Dreams are Made of.  The audience clapped and sang along, and for the performers, the best part was to see their happy faces.

The night concluded with Ursuline’s group one more time singing a breathtaking rendition of a mashup of Skinny Love and Fix You. Additionally, they sang Taylor Swift’s hit single I Knew You Were Trouble, and Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten. Cara Depietro, president of Ursuline’s group, and Megan Michalski, music director of Ursuline’s group, closed the show with a few word to express their gratitude and thanks for the hard work of the parents and friends who made the night possible.

I think I speak on behalf of every Montrosian present at the concert when I say thank you to Ursuline for having us. The night was truly special, and we were honored to be a part of it.