The Bard Returns to Montrose!

London Bard Sarah de Nordwall

London Bard Sarah de Nordwall

Gabby Landry '18, Editor-in-Chief

Get ready to find your inner poet!

April Break provides a perfect time to relax before the final stretch of the school year.  When we return to school, we can see the finish line of the year in sight.  During the week after a vacation, however, it can be difficult to transition back.

This year, we have some great news to make the week after April Break not only bearable, but also enjoyable and exciting.  The London Bard Sarah de Nordwall will be returning to Montrose to lead students in poetry showcases and workshops during the week!

Last year, Dr. Bohlin invited Mrs. de Nordwall to present her poems, share stories, and lead Montrosians in writing their own poems and responses to poetry.  No matter the age of her audience, the Bard inspired all the find their inner poet.  

We are so excited to welcome Mrs. de Nordwall back to Montrose after April Break!  In the meantime, check out some of her poetry here, and get ready to discover–or rediscover–your inner bard.