Movie Review: A Dog’s Purpose

Movie Review: A Dog's Purpose

Sylvia Wen '18, Contributing Writer

As human beings, we ask ourselves:  “what is the purpose of life?” Animals also come to this world for a reason. The movie A Dog’s Purpose tells the story of a dog named Bailey. This movie is based on the same name novel by W. Bruce Cameron. He is an American author, columnist, and humorist. The movie begins in an unspecified year during the 1950s. It opens with Bailey wondering what his purpose is. Bailey, the dog, and Ethan, a young boy, share a special bond. Bailey believes that Ethan is not the sole purpose of his life. He says, “My purpose, my whole life, had been to love him and be with him, to make him happy. I didn’t want to cause any unhappiness now.” In daily life, we figure out when puppies want food, water, even go out for a walk. But we can not understand what they think about. From their actions, we may understand their feelings.

Bailey loves Ethan so much; they are the best friends. Bailey’s love towards Ethan is unselfish, expecting nothing in return, and sincere. Because I’d never had a dog before, I didn’t have any experience with dogs. But, this year, my host family has three dogs (It is the first time I’ve lived with dogs), I found out that dogs are really care about people’s feelings. At night, sometimes, if I was tired and lying on the couch, one of the dogs, Candy, would lay beside me and look at me. I like to go for walks or play with her. She is a really sweet and soft puppy. She makes me realize that it is true that we can have a good relationship with animals. I was so touched by Bailey’s monologue, which shows us what is the dog’s perspective about their master, “The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with them, remaining by their sides no matter what course their lives might take. All I could do now was offer him comfort, the assurance that as he left this life he was not alone but rather was tended by the dog who loved him more than anything in the whole world.” Because his understanding of his job as dog, he is loyal and loves each of his hosts.

Bailey never changes his mind that always be his host side. Each of his life gives him unique experience and it is amazing that he remembers every life he gone through. Bailey says that, “I was a good dog. I had fulfilled my purpose. Lessons I had learned from being feral had taught me how to escape and how to hide from people when it was necessary, scavenging for food from trash containers. Being with Ethan had taught me love and had taught me my most important purpose, which was taking care of my boy. Jakob and Maya had taught me Find, Show, and, most important of all, how to save people, and it was all of these things, everything I had learned as a dog, that had led me to find Ethan and Hannah and to bring them both together. I understood it now, why I had lived so many times. I had to learn a lot of important skills and lessons, so that when the time came I could rescue Ethan, not from the pond but from the sinking despair of his own life”.

Each of Bailey’s lives is exciting, for example, he became a life saver once. Although Bailey lives so many times, he never forget Ethan. Maybe this is the reason that he and Ethan could meet each other many years later. Because dogs only could lives about 10-15 years, Bailey lives few life circle so that he could be Ethan’s side when Ethan are old. Bailey keeps his promise that always be Ethan’s side and never let him alone. It is unbelieveable that many years later Bailey and Ethan’s life could be liked the life at their beginning.

I realize that dogs can remember all the things with their hosts. If you have a dog, you are the most important part of their life. If you have or going to have a pet, please love them. Because they bring happy and love to your life. They have belief in you. Pets are our friends and our family