Review on Montrose Christmas Movie Night


Olivia Lipson '25, Staff Writer

This year’s Christmas Movie Night on Friday, December 13th was a huge success! The event was a fun-filled and enjoyable for all ages. Pizza was served to all, and gluten-free and allergy-friendly options were also available.The movie night was a fun activity to spend with friends and family — having a night of fun with your friends can help you bond, and get some rest! 

There were Christmas movie favorites, including the hilarious “Elf” and “Home Alone!” Some classics were also played, like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas.” These movies are classics for nearly every household in America, so we all enjoyed getting to see them together as a school, too. The balance was perfect — there were comedic movies playing for those who wanted a good laugh, as well as some older movies that we all know and love. As Josie Marcucci ‘25 said: “The movies were all good choices and it was really fun.” No matter if you went to the movie night as a sixth grader or a senior, you could still find enjoyment in the great films that were selected for the event.

Out of the seven people interviewed, 100% of them liked the Christmas movie night! Gabriella Dansereau ‘26 said: “I liked the movies that were playing and being around friends.” Especially because the movie night occurred when we were nearing Christmas break, we all were hoping for a relaxing break that would motivate us to finish the school days before the end of 2019 on a good note. The movie night most definitely fulfilled this!  It was nice to have time do wind down before break. Gabriella also said: “I liked how it was set up with the food and drinks and was very organized.” This event was fun and at the same time a well organized event. There were also girls of all grades helping out, which is nice because it gave younger students as well as older students a chance to give a helping hand. The Stud Gov Team did a great job making sure that everything ran smoothly for the entire movie night.

Issie Russo ‘21, who is a part of the Stud Gov Exec Team, is gluten free. She helped to make sure that everyone who came to the event could enjoy some snacks and food too, no matter their allergies! As Maevis Fahey ‘21 said: “It’s awesome to have Issie on the Stud Gov team because she’s always looking out for people will allergies, including the two of us! She makes sure that everyone can feel included, and it makes the school a better place.” The gluten free and allergy-friendly options at the movie night were greatly appreciated by many. It is an aspect that has become a part of many Montrose events, such as the elegant lunches, and we hope that it continues.

This was a fun bonding event, a nice fun activity to do after a long week. We hope that this event occurs next year and continues after that, too! Thank you for all the people who made this event possible, it was a very fun, and relaxing event!