The Looking Glass

Video interview with Miss Schirripa: Live from the New A&A

Monica Stack '15

November 18, 2014

Check on this live interview with Miss Bridget Schirripa, history teaching intern and alumnae from 2010. On-the-beat reporter, Monica Stack '15, caught Miss Schirripa in the new Arts & Athletic Center for this interview....

Interview with Shaun White On-site in Sochi

Monica Stack '15 & Katrin O'Grady '15

February 5, 2014

Montrose Sochi Correspondant Katrin O'Grady meets up with American Snowboarder Shaun White to talk about this year's Winter Games.

Video Interview with New Montrose Faculty: Ms. Fisher

Monica Stack

September 17, 2013

Go to the Looking Glass youtube page to see our video interview with new English teacher, Ms. Fisher!  We talked about.... How she heard about Montrose Why she decided to teach English Her favorite literary character What bo...

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