Ready Set Grow: A Jump Start to Gardening

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It was a warm September day after school when we joined Mrs. Jacob in the courtyard to help her care for the garden. Mrs. Jacob is a long-serving adviser, one of Montrose’s founders and the wife of Mr. Jacob, Chairman of Montrose’s Board of Trustees. We helped her lift mulch bags, dig holes, and plant beautiful flowers such as vibrant mums and sweet-smelling lavender. After planting came the job of watering the new and existing flowers, along with refilling the bird feeder. We enjoyed the work and loved that accomplished feeling when we were done, knowing these gorgeous flowers could brighten someone’s day.

Our day of gardening prompted us to start a new club, Montrose’s Ready, Set, Grow Gardening Club. We came up with the idea of starting a club to help Mrs. Jacob manage the garden. This new club will plant and replant flowers in the fall and spring, water the plants regularly, refill the bird feeder, pull weeds, sweep up — and generally help care for the courtyard. Helping enhance the beauty of the courtyard garden is a terrific outlet for anyone who loves the outdoors, enjoys getting their hands dirty, appreciates our role as stewards of nature, and wants to lend Mrs. Jacob some much-deserved support.

Director of Student Life & Academic Dean Mrs. Keeley said: “I am very excited for the start of the garden club. I think it will brighten up the courtyard for faculty, staff, and students who pass through and eat lunch there.” If you’re ready to help the garden grow, talk to Mackenzie Fleming or Emma Schiller.

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