The Haunted Hallway Keeps the Tradition Ghoolish

Erin Golden ‘17

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In addition to students traversing the eerie hallway, the Looking Glass mascot, Flat Alice, also makes the trip every year. Check out the video of Alice’s experience in the haunted hallway and read on to get student perspectives.

The haunted hallway is a Montrose favorite. Every year the tenth grade gets the privilege of decorating the Media Center and room 16 to scare fellow Montrosians. This year the class of 2017 decorated the hallway with two themes: the circus and the the Purge. There was everything from contortionists and creepy viola players to Purge victims and lost children. With an abundance of hard work, the hallway was transformed into a terrifying maze.

Class president Nathalie Falcao ‘17 shared her thoughts on this year’s haunted hallway: “I think it was an awesome success, and I am so proud of our class for putting in the effort and enthusiasm to make this work.” Mary Korzeniowski ‘17 added: “our class really worked together and listened to each other’s ideas. I think it turned out to really be scary and people liked it.” There were definitely a lot of scared faces coming out of the haunted hallway.

However, these great successes came with countless hours of preparation. The hardest part of the haunted hallway was probably all the planning. Many class meetings were spent on just the layout and ideas. The setting up was also difficult. Creating the maze and getting the entire room dark was no easy task. We stayed after school until eight pm just setting up. Trash bags needed to be hung and painted, streamers and decorations placed, the sound system hooked up, etc. Despite the onerous undertaking, it was actually a lot of fun. Our class really bonded during this project. I’m glad we have this tradition at Montrose, and I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

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