Short March Break offers Chances for Memorable Winter Fun


Julia Convery '19, Clubs & Classes Editor

     The long weekend in March is coming up,giving us a short vacation from school. A hot topic of conversation is “What are you doing over the long weekend?” Some may have plans already, while others may not have plans at all. If you are one of those people who wants to have a fun over a long weekend, and not suffer from boredom, here is a compilation of fun activities for all kinds of people.

Athletic Winter Fun: If you are the type who likes to go outside and play in the snow, these are some fun activities for you! You can:

  • Go ice skating with your friends at a local arena
  • Go sledding or tubing with friends and family
  • Go for a skiing day trip
  • Catch up on your New Year’s Resolution and head to the gym

Homebody Winter Fun: If you are the type who likes to stay at home and relax, these are some fun suggestions you might want to try over the long weekend!

  • Find a new show to binge watch
  • Do a movie marathon with your friends or family
  • Bake some delicious goods and share them with neighbors or friends
  • Pick up a hobby! Draw, read, or learn a new song on an instrument

Social Winter Fun: If you’re someone who likes to go out with friends and spend time together, here are some activities for you to try:

  • Go to the mall and shop with friends
  • Go see a new movie in the theatres
  • Have a sleepover and play games with your friends
  • Get your nails done or go to the spa with friends
  • Log on to your local library website and check out a museum pass
  • Visit a botanical garden (The one at Wellesley College is free!)

Service Winter Fun: If you want to make the best of your vacation by doing acts of service, here are some suggestions:

  • Write some crafts or cards and give them to nursing homes or neighbors
  • Volunteer at a shelter for the homeless or a nursing home
  • Donate to a food pantry or start your own food drive at your church or community (with permission of course!)
  • Or simply volunteer to babysit a family friends’ children or your own siblings so the parents can have a night out

Whatever your type of fun may be, this break activity guide has something for you. There are so many fun activities and ways to spend your long weekend. No matter what you do over the weekend, I hope you all have a restful, refreshing, and fun time!