A Quick European Excursion


From Leicester Square to Westminster all the way back to Knightsbridge, London is full of history, shopping, sightseeing and so much more. After spending five days there, I am 100% sure that I want to go back. The English men and women are so kind, helpful, and understanding, and they love their city as much as we, here at Montrose, love Boston.

On my first day in London, I visited as sight known as the Tower of London, which served as the initial living quarters of King William the Conqueror. Today, the Tower is out of commision, but serves as a welcome museum for all tourists and residents. The building shows the living quarters of past Kings and Queens and the sights of many hangings and decapitations. Members of the London Guard give tours of the grounds, as well as an in-depth perspective about life in the Middle Ages.

The Tower of London is also home to the crowned jewels. Monarchs dating back to 400 have their jewels and chalices located inside the exhibit. Inside there are TV screens showing the televised coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Another interesting sight is Westminster Abbey, which is home to several tombs of monarchs, prime ministers, and well-known British authors. From Edward the Confessor to Queen Mary of Scotts all British Monarchs are buried in Westminster Abbey.  The Abbey also serves as a practicing place of worship. Westminster Abbey is the leading church that practices the faith of the Church of England.

Westminster Abbey is also the number one sight of royal weddings, excluding the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Charles and Diana were married at St. Paul’s Church, which is located in Central London.

Another must-see in London is the London Eye. The iconic ferris wheel is located across the Thames River directly in front of Big Ben. The best time to ride the Eyes is around 3:45pm. The total ride time is about thirty minutes. The reason to go at quarter to four is simple. In London the sun sets around four o’clock, so on the way up it’s London during the day, and on the way down you see London lit up by night.

At Christmas time, London is full of tourists, Christmas trees, and lights. The Hyde Park subway stop takes you directly to the Winter Wonderland, which is London’s classic Christmas fair that runs from the beginning of December until Christmas day.

If you ever get the chance, go to London! You absolutely won’t regret it. There are a bunch of free museums that take you through Modern European History and teach US History from a British standpoint. London has class, entertainment, and excitement built right into their city and is an especially festive destination around Christmas.