Tips for Pen Pals

Tips for Pen Pals

Anna Bachiochi '20

 Bored? Becoming a pen pal is a great way to fight boredom. But before someone is willing to become your pen pal, you must first reach out to become one yourself. Just follow these simple steps to become a pen pal someone would love to hear from.

Finding a friend:

  1. Go ahead.  Don’t wait until someone asks you to be pen pals, write a letter or call them up to suggest it.
  2. Find the right girl. Ask someone who lives far away or someone you don’t see a lot. Ask someone who you know loves to write or a friend who misses you.


Being a faithful pen pal:

  1. Be in their shoes.  Think about how you would feel if your pen pal never wrote to you or only wrote once a month. Make sure you aren’t making those mistakes.
  2. Be compassionate.  If your pen pal doesn’t write back for a while, think about how busy she might be. Maybe in your next letter, you could ask her about her adventures.  
  3. Ask questions. Without questions to answer, your pen pal might not know what to write about. Questions keep the conversation flowing.
  4. Answer her questions. When you write back, keep her letter close so you can refer back to it to answer the questions.
  5. Tell her about yourself. Your pen pal is your friend. She wants to hear all about you.
  6. Ask her about herself. People like to talk about themselves. These sorts of questions are the perfect kind to ask to a friend.
  7. Letters aren’t just about writing. Draw doodles, stick figures, and other funny drawing in your letter. These make the letter more exiting for your friend to read.
  8. Be funny.  Joke around in your letters just as if you were talking. Just make sure she knows you are joking.
  9.  Try to write a long letter. It doesn’t have to be pages and pages, but just enough so that your pen pal has something to respond to. Hi. You are an awesome pen pal. Love Susy. Is hard to respond to because it has hardly any content.
  10.  Have fun! Enjoy being a pen pal. It is a wonderful way to communicate with friends.