Reflections: When International Students Go Home

Reflections: When International Students Go Home

Regina Viesca '17

Many international students who come to Montrose from Spanish-speaking countries leave after a one-semester experience. It’s always hard to say goodbye. Spain and Mexico may be far away from the United States, and the time zone may add to the distance, but the friendships we have formed with international students remain strong.

Returning to school after Christmas vacation makes us feel the echoes of the girls who have returned to warmer climates. We keep expecting to see them around the corner, and our hearts squeeze for moments we all miss.

We’re also thankful for modern technology because, although we can’t reach out and give a hug or hear their voices throughout the day, we can still stay in contact through texting, Instagram photos, Snapchat, Facebook, Facetime and Skype. I usually text or Snapchat because I don’t have time to talk on skype.

But despite the sadness of separation, once you make a Montrose bond with international students, even when students return home, we’ll always find ways to stay connected as the Montrose family.