Holy Week Reflections in Preparation for Easter

Holy Week Reflections in Preparation for Easter

MaryGrace King '16

As Christians once again approach Easter through the observances of Holy Week, it might be time for some final Lenten reflections before the glorious celebrations of this coming Sunday. We can ask ourselves how the past 40 days have been, personally and spiritually: Have I kept my Lenten resolutions as opportunities for drawing closer to God? Have I grown more loving towards others? Have I gained a deeper understanding of Jesus’ love and self-sacrifice; and, has this in turn inspired me to reflect that love in everyday life?

Now is an especially good time to ask ourselves these questions as the season of purification comes to a close. Hopefully we’ve gained some virtue and shed some vice; although, as we try to better ourselves, it’s natural to struggle. “If you feel resistance in keeping your Lenten resolution, it’s almost validation that you’re doing something right,” says Mrs. Sabtchev. With the resolve to improve comes spiritual adversity against those good intentions. However, with adversity comes renewed grace and strength against it; and, each step closer to God amid the struggle is a precious victory that He looks upon with fatherly love and tenderness.

All times have their place: there is a time for celebration, a time for abstinence, a time for joy, and a time for penance. Lent is the time of purification in which we empty ourselves of materialistic attachments in order to be filled more wholly with God’s graces on Easter. By resisting indulgence in some worldly pleasures, we become more rightly ordered and hopefully gain a little perspective, too.

Lent teaches us that life is deeper than just living from pleasure to pleasure, from cookie to cookie, from Dunkin’ Donut’s coffees to smartphones. Our place in the world is higher than the purely material; instead, we have a greater calling to love and to help each other be our best selves so that we might be understand more Jesus’ sacrifice and love.

Now, on the brink of Easter, after this long period of purification, each one of us stands ready to witness — with our growing awareness and our humility — God’s amazing grace and loving salvation. Have a blessed Triduum, and happy almost-Easter!