Fun-filled 9th Grade Experience Builds Unity, Trust & Cooperation

Fun-filled 9th Grade Experience Builds Unity, Trust & Cooperation

Yuyue Wen '18, Contributing Writer

On Sept. 15-16, the 9th grade students at Montrose School had a great time with each other during an overnight trip designed to “welcome girls to the upper school program, foster class unity, work on team building skills and learn more about the Montrose culture,” according to Director of Advising & Parent Enrichment Mrs. Baker. The class went to Camp Wing, part of the Crossroads Connects Program at Crossroads for Kids in Duxbury, Massachusetts. The girls experienced as steady blast of fun, deeper bonding and full immersion into the Montrose community.

“I looked forward to spending time with my classmates. And the trip was everything I thought it would be and more,” said Maria Lennon ‘20. Sarah Ling ‘20 added:“My most unforgettable moment of this trip is Mrs. McLeod beating me in archery.” Stephanie Ciampa ‘20 shared her favorite memory: “I “made Anna fall off her kayak into the lake!”

Activities included the climbing wall, archery, boating, high ropes, an egg zip, and campfires. The girls cheered uproariously in unity for each other during the games. At some of the games, everyone was laughing until they cried.  Mary McManmon ‘20 said that the most enjoyable event was “probably the dance party with my class and the counselors. I really love camp environments, so I was having a lot of fun.” That night, the girls dressed as different characters, such as a football player or a fairy. They were dancing to the music and forming friendships that would last forever.

Mrs. McLeod reflected on the event: “these girls did a great job at trying new things, and being willing to try whatever the counselors asked of them.” She thought girls did better than she expected, and she “was so surprised at how open-minded the group was as a whole.” Mrs. McLeod’s best memory was the Dutch Auction when the girls were asked to be T-rex’s on surfboards: “it was hilarious!”

Although the experience is over, this trip made the girls grow closer and learn to trust each other more deeply. They learned how to cooperate with others and they helped their partners to reach their goals. Sarah Ling ‘20 added, “the girls are more trusting and understanding of each other.” The 9th grade returned from this experience closer to each other, more integrated into the Montrose community, and with a bucketful of memories to draw from for years to come.