First Montrose Semi: Excitement and Nerves


Abigail Finnerty '19, Contributing Writer

With semi just days away, emotions are running ahead. Those who are going to semi for the first time seem to be the most divided about how they are feeling.  From freshmen to international students to new students, they all have opinions on the Montrose Semi-Formal.

Freshmen have been waiting all throughout middle school for the chance to experience semi.  However, now that the time has actually come, some members of the Class of 2020 may be slightly nervous.  Weslee Zinsner ‘20 admits: “Honestly, I’m pretty scared for semi.  I don’t really know what to expect and that makes me nervous.”  Weslee is however, looking forward to at least one aspect of the semi formal: “I heard the food’s really good, so that’s a plus.”  Sarah Ling ‘20 is on the other end of the spectrum: “I’m super excited for semi! I can’t wait to dance with my friends and eat really good food!”

International students also have feelings about the semi.  A few are going and are very excited!  MaJo Arena Dominguez ‘19said: “I think it’s going to be so fun! I love to dance and so does my date, Thomas!” MaJo also promised that she would perform her famous dog bark at the semi.  Krystal Wu ‘19 is also excited about the semi: “It’s my first American dance, so I’m excited! In China, school dances aren’t very common so now I’ll finally be able to go to a dance!”

As a new student. I also will be attending the Montrose semi for the first time.  I could not be more excited!  At my previous school, our only dance was Homecoming and it was held in the school cafeteria.  To be able to go to a fancy venue and dress up in elegant dresses is definitely a welcome change.  

All students who are experiencing the semi formal for the first time are definitely going to be experiencing a variety of emotions, but I have a feeling that everyone will experience a magical night!