9th Grade Experience: Singing in the Rain, Bonding & Fun


Neha Sunkara ‘21 and Maevis Fahey’21, Staff Writers

Bonding, Fun, and Rope Courses…If you are in upper school, you’ve been through this, and if you’re a middle schooler, you’ve heard about it. “It” is the 9th grade experience!

On Thursday morning, the 21st of September, our front entrance was jam packed with 21 sets of duffels, sleeping bags, and pillows. They contained everything a girl could possibly need being away from home for a night. Soon enough, our bags, pillows, and everything else were loaded into a yellow bus — the exhaust visibly clouding out the chilly morning. As soon as the engine rumbled alive, we were off for Camp Wing, located in Duxbury, MA. The buzz and excitement on the ride there, with suspenseful card games and songs, would soon be replaced in the next 24 hours with memories we will hold for years to come.

At the entrance to Camp Wing, nine smiling counselors first greeted us. At first, they were only new faces (as well as new voices with cool accents), but quickly they became familiar personalities and hearts.

Between high wires, rock climbing, and a countless other new and exciting activities, we had a very eventful day. At night, we sang the silliest songs and ate a bunch of s’mores — even though I would have still liked s’more s’mores. The next day it was raining cats and dogs, which led us to run to our activities with added anticipation, and relief from the downpour. We had an amazing (indoor) trash bag and duct tape inspired fashion show. All the models looked fab! Then, we did arts and crafts which included gimp and bracelet making. Everybody made such amazing ornaments.       

When we went into our cabins for cabin time, we did encounter a super-creepy visitor, a resident chipmunk. It’s probably gone now, so future Camp Wingers, don’t worry. Later, we went back to our regular activities and did an eggdrop, which proved no step for egg and no step for eggkind — as all the eggs broke. Lastly, before leaving we did relays. It was fantastic! We also got awards from Ms. Marge and Mrs. Elrod.

Everyone in the 9th grade enjoyed this trip immensely. All of us bonded together more than ever. As Hubert H. Humphrey said, “The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.”