Auction Prize: 6th Grade Rock-on with AD Ruggieri


Carrie Miklus '24, Middle School Editor

Recently, the sixth and seventh grade class went on a field trip to “Rock On”, a rock climbing and adventure- type place. We, obviously, went rock climbing, hung on to a red punching bag, jumped onto a rope ladder, and altogether had a good time. They served us pizza before we went and even let us change into different clothes, sort of like a dress-down day. Then we were off! It felt a little like going to Canobie Lake Park, it was so exciting! Wearing normal clothes and going rock climbing might seem “eh” to other people, but to us it was a reason to skip classes, which of course all of us loved to do! (No offense, Mrs. McKinney.) All in all, “Rock On With Ruggieri” was a fun event at Montrose!