Montrose’s Operation Soldier Support Club Brings Christmas Cheer to Heroes Far from Home


Kiran Kottapalli '18, Staff Writer

There is a specific group of people whom we can thank for allowing us to wake up in the morning feeling safe and secure: the American soldiers. They serve with great courage and bravery that should be appreciated more often. Here at Montrose, we can celebrate our heroes through the new club Operation Soldier Support.

Francesca Dyke ‘18, one of the leaders of Operation Soldier Support, said, “The mission of Operation Soldier Support is to honor and raise awareness of those who serve our country in the armed forces.”

During a recent Common Homeroom, Montrosians wrote holiday cards to soldiers who cannot make it home for Christmas. Francesca said, “The girls all put a lot of love into their letters, and I know it will touch the hearts of the soldiers who receive them this Christmas.”

Jocelyn Kelly ‘18, another leader of Operation Soldier Support, said, “Our mission is to raise awareness for people to remember to thank those who serve our country and give us our freedom.” Francesca added, “The goal of our club this year is to get active in our community! We plan on visiting the veterans hospitals to speak with some of the troops there, and we will be sending out the letters that the whole school wrote in time for Christmas.”

In addition, the club leaders stressed the importance of student participation. They hope we can continue to write letters throughout the school year. After all, you can never thank someone enough for putting their life on the line for you. We often forget a few essential themes of the holidays: reflection, gratitude, and service. We should reflect on our gratitude, and gratefully serve others.

If you do choose to write more letters, you can hand them to Jocelyn Kelly, Francesca Dyke, or Mary Dyke ‘20. Operation Soldier Support encourages us to give back to those who have given us so much. So, let’s not miss an opportunity to make a hero smile and to connect with fellow Americans far  from home this Christmas.