Take Action Against Christian Persecution

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Take Action Against Christian Persecution

Maddie Marcucci '19, Faith Editor

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Persecuted Christians often feel alone and afraid because of the terror they experience and the lack of believers in their country to lean on for support. However, here are some actions that you can take to provide encouragement and light for those in despair:

  1. You can take a few moments to write a letter to children who were victims of a church bombing in Indonesia in 2016. Children were playing in a park outside the church while their parents were in a church service when the park got bombed. Alvaro, Trinity, and Anita are in need of our encouragement.  Be sure to also look up helpful phrases that you can write in Baha Indonesia, as the children’s English is very limited.
  2. Write a letter to Aurora in Venezuela, a struggling widow whose husband was murdered for preaching the gospel, and whose 6 children do not live with her. Your letter with provide her with hope and encouragement despite her loneliness.
  3. Write a letter to Caroline in Kenya, whose husband was murdered by Islamic extremists because he did not recite the Islamic Shahada. Caroline witnessed her husband being murdered and is obviously suffering from severe trauma and sadness. Write her a letter of encouragement so she does not feel alone.

Before sending your letter, please be sure to look at the Open Doors website for guidelines on what to put in your letters and what not to put. Below are some general guidelines:

  1. Do not mention anything negative about their country or their country’s government
  2. Do not mention Open Doors USA
  3. Do not include money or gifts
  4. Letters or handmade gifts or drawings from children are encouraged
  5. Do not include your home address
  6. Keep the letters positive and encouraging, not dwelling on their hardships

However, each letter will have its own guidelines or suggestions, so please make sure to check the website first. If you would like to send a letter digitally, you can do so through the website.


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