Finding a Friend in God


Bezawit O'Neill '23, Faith Editor

If you look up the definition of spiritual life, your answer will look something like this: “Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life.” What does this really mean, and why is it so important? Well, this day in age, when you turn on your radio, computer or phone, you hear about all the hate crimes that are happening around the world. Innocent people getting shot, stabbed or beaten while walking on the streets, in schools and even in their homes. People are committing suicide because of depression, and there are many who are terrified of death. Countries are constantly fighting with one another and religion violence continues to grow. Some people respond to these circumstances by turning away from their religion, but as Buddha explained: “Just as a candle can not burn without fire, men can not live without spiritual life.” 

We are living in a period of time where people feel like there is no need for them to practice their religion when it is actually the key for a happier life. Religion gives us a moral guide for right and wrong, and it gives the hope of afterlife to those who are afraid of death.  It is a belief that challenges us to live our lives the best we can, and it’s what brings people together. Like most things in life, religion is something we have to work on constantly if we want to have a stronger faith and a closer relationship with God. That is why we here at Montrose are truly blessed. We are in an environment where we can practice our faith freely. 

We have mentors, friends and priests who are always willing to answer any questions we might have. Montrose gives us a very spiritual community that educates young women to have faith in God and build a closer relationship with him. Theresa Marcucci ‘23 believes that faith is a very important part of her life: “I go to church every  Sunday. For me it’s a great reminder that even when everything seems bad, there is still good in the world.” Anna Hvidsten ‘23 agreed wholeheartedly: “ I have had to move a lot throughout my life, but my faith has stayed the same. It’s been something I could always go back to.” Theresa and Anna represent so many other girls that value the importance of faith here at Montrose.  

When asked about the importance of faith, Mrs. Young replied: “I believe that faith is of key importance in the lives of young people because it gives them an anchor to hold onto when life seems uncertain and unpredictable. Everyone will face challenges in their lives. It is so comforting to know that God is our loving Father who is here to guide, protect, and give us His strength in all situations. When young people begin to understand this, they can grow in faith by trusting that God always has their backs.” Mrs. Young also believes that creating a friendship with God is something we constantly have to work on. The younger we start the stronger our relationship will be. She commented: “Learning from a young age to talk to God as a best friend helps alleviate some of the terrible loneliness young people may experience at times. Religious education can be of great help in teaching children how to develop that friendship with Him. We can do this in the same way any relationship is developed — by spending time together talking, sharing, being in each other’s presence. This is prayer: The hope is always that when faith is cultivated from a young age, it will continue to blossom throughout the course of life.” 

As part of the Montrose community, we have it easier, for we are given the opportunity to enrich our mind and soul everyday. Whether we do that by reading a book, or going to mass, we should try to use that opportunity to build a greater relationship with our God. As Father John said, “talk to God any chance you get, for he loves you and wants to share your joy, sadness or pain. If you get a good grade on a test, tell him. If your day is not going so well, stop by the chapel and talk to God. Or, if you need advice about something you’re not sure about, go to him, for he will find a way to provide you with what you need.” So as you make goals for this year’s classes, make one for your faith. Make it your homework to talk to God for ten minutes each day. And as you welcome new students to Montrose, welcome God into your heart. You’ll find it is a life changing experience.