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New Students Reflect on the Transition to Montrose

Julia McKenzie '19, Contributing Writer

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Now that we are well into the school year, I became curious about how our new students are handling their transition to Montrose. I was delighted to learn that all of the students are settling in well and are happy with their decision to attend Montrose:

  • “I really like all the girls; everyone is so nice and accepting. The teachers and faculty are also amazing, they pay so much attention to you and your learning.” –Olivia Goughan ‘18
  • I think the girls at Montrose are really kind and open.” –Anna Kearney ‘23
  • “Since this is my first year here, and I was entering into the ninth grade where friendships/relationships were already formed, I was nervous that I would not ‘fit in,’ become a full part of the class, make friends. How wrong I was! After the first week, I had made friendships that will last forever. All of the girls were welcoming and kind. This is what I really like about Montrose.” –Maria Lennon ‘20
  • “I love everyone’s personalities and friendliness. And having Mass everyday is a great time to reflect and take a break.” –Abigail Finnerty ‘19
  • I like all of the friendly people who are willing to help if you need it.” –Nina Polansky ‘23

What made the new students decide to matriculate to Montrose?

  • I decided to come to Montrose because of its unique traditions and education system. I also loved that Montrose is inspired by the Catholic faith.” –Caity Beard ‘23
  • “My family is really good friends with Kate Wahle’s family. I looked at Montrose going into 6th grade, but I didn’t want to leave my school or friends yet. But high school changed people into being more shallow and it wasn’t making me happy anymore.” — Abigail Finnerty ‘19.

Indeed, most of the students who transferred in were encouraged to do so by friends and family who attended or currently attend Montrose.

It is wonderful that the new students are enjoying their time at Montrose; and, although the work can be difficult, it is worth it. I came last year when I was in ninth grade; and, although I had to overcome various challenges, I was very happy with my move.

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New Students Reflect on the Transition to Montrose