Adopted: An Open Letter to my Biological Parents

Olivia Hastie '18, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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A long time ago there were two people: a man and a woman. They weren’t married, but they had a choice to make. The woman was pregnant, and they needed to choose what to do: break tradition and raise the baby, abort the pregnancy and forget all about it, or put the baby up for adoption. They ended up choosing to put the baby up for adoption, deciding to give her the best chance. Do you know who I’m talking about?

The man and woman? That’s you. The baby? That’s me. And, I know the chances of you wanting to meet me are so slim, considering most of your family probably has no idea I exist; but I think about you both a lot. I wonder what you look like—probably a lot like me—and how you act. Mostly, I wonder if you have any more kids—if I have biological siblings. I would love to meet them someday.

It seems that on the day that I was born, everything changed.

I wasn’t a part of your family anymore. I didn’t belong with you. And, I firmly believe that that’s the way God wanted it. I will always wonder what life with you as my parents would be like, but I never feel like it would be better than what I have now. You see, my mom and dad, Angela and Jeff, are the greatest people to walk this earth. I know you already know that because you picked them for me. But, they really are. My mom and I are best friends, and she is the greatest woman I know. I cannot thank you enough for the mother you gave me. Angela, or Ange as I like to call her, is the best mom anyone could ask for. My dad and I are close too. You know, he was the catalyst for getting my family prepared to adopt a baby. My mom couldn’t have any more children for health reasons, so my dad suggested adoption. He’s really great, and he supports me through everything I do. I owe this amazing support system to you too.

My parents aren’t the only blessing you gave me. My brother David is eight years older than I, but we are super close. Did you know that the day my parents came to get me, David sang me Christmas carols the whole way home? He was so excited to have a baby sister to call his own. He once wrote me a letter saying that the day my family brought me home was the best day of his life. There’s a lot of love in and outside of my house. My extended family is pretty amazing too.

All my cousins are a lot older than I, but I adore them. Now some of them have little kids. I told one of their kids that I was adopted, and a few days later she told me this: “Olivia, I love that you’re adopted, because that means God really wanted us to be best friends.” You can imagine that tears welled in my eyes at that statement, because I’m convinced I was made for this family, and they were made for me.

I will always wonder where you are and what you’re doing—and if you think about me. You will always be in my heart, and I am forever grateful for this family, this chance, and this life.