Seniors End Classes with Balloon Ceremony

Katrin O'Grady '15

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For the Class of 2015, May 15th represented an end but also a beginning. It marked the last day of their Montrose education, but also the beginning of their lives as women of faith, character, and vision. To symbolize this, and to simply foster camaraderie and fun on the last day of classes (or perhaps lack of classes), the seniors stood together on Miracle Field as each girl released a balloon into the sky with a message attached to it.

Some girls wrote quotes on their balloons. Others included future ambitions or words of advice. After a dramatic countdown, the seniors released their balloons. Most flew up majestically over the trees and the whole town of Medfield. However, a select few, weighed down with too much paper, skirted along the ground, unable to take flight; hopefully, this disparity will not prove ominous.

Good luck to the Class of 2015 in all their future ambitions, those that took flight and those that didn’t.