Turn your Gently-Used Shoes into a Lifeline for Others: Bring Donations to School

Jenna McCarthy '19, Staff Writer

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My collection of shoes for the organization, Rerun Shoes, begins this Tuesday January 17, after Martin Luther King Day. Rerun is an organization that ships gently used shoes to small entrepreneurs in Africa where they are cleaned and sold.Your used shoes can support the development of small businesses and provide affordable footwear to communities in need. Also, Rerun prevents old shoes from ending up in a landfill, and Rerun employs people with disabilities. Please dig through your, your brother’s, and your sister’s closet in the hopes of finding gently used shoes. Shoes cannot be ripped or peeling.

What to donate:

  • athletic footwear (running, tennis, and basketball sneakers)
  • kids’ shoes (casual, dress, and athletic)
  • sports cleats
  • men’s dress and casual shoes
  • women’s flats and low heels
  • sports sandals

What NOT to bring in:


  • Shoes with heels over 1 inch
  • fashion boots (all types!)
  • winter boots
  • crocs or flip flops


By simply getting rid of old and unwanted shoes, you can take an active role in saving the environment and supporting a good cause for those far less fortunate than ourselves. By digging through your closets this weekend, shoes that you don’t wear anymore or that you have grown out of can help the lives of those in need. Everyone needs a pair of shoes and my goal for Montrose is to collect 200! Boxes will be set up in the front lobby Tuesday morning until Feburary 3rd.

For more information, check out the Rerun Shoes website.