Looking Back at Sophomore Symposium 2017

Julia McKenzie '19, Contributing Writer

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On January 31st–February 1st, the sophomore class took a journey to Arnold Hall in Pembroke for class bonding, self-enrichment, and an all-around good time. The trip consisted of interesting lectures on topics such as sleep, friendship, and social media, and time for meditation, Mass, games, and free time.

Most of the class was a little hesitant on how much fun we would have on this trip, but everyone was pleasantly surprised by how much we all loved it. We played games, enjoyed a movie and discussion, and practiced our manners and etiquette in time for the final event of the trip, an elegant dinner. Kiki Karam ‘19 explained, “My favorite part of the symposium was probably all the games we played as a class together. We were always laughing and bonding and we were all able to get to know each other more.”

Many of the girls had the most fun playing games like Indian Chief, Mafia, Scattergories, and more. Not only were we constantly laughing and having fun, this trip was also a nice time to reflect and take a deep breath. Vicki Driscoll ‘19 said, “Of course, some of my favorite parts were the games and free time, but I loved how we had tons of time to relax. The meditation with Father Joe was so nice and the Masses were beautiful.” The talks, too, were helpful, and provided us with food for thought and ideas about personal resolutions to make.