Elizabeth Schickel: Back Where She Belongs at Montrose

Elizabeth Schickel: Back Where She Belongs at Montrose

Barbara Whitlock

MaryGrace King '16

The turn of the new school year at Montrose is a time of coming together. New students meet, old friends reunite, and familiar faces appear in the halls. One face in particular is especially wonderful to see: Elizabeth Schickel’s. After missing school last winter and spring, Schickel is once again back at Montrose with her radiant smile.

Diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, Elizabeth endured surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and physical therapy all through the winter and spring. Even though ongoing chemo and physical therapy still detract from some of her time at school, the fighting Schickel continues to keep up with her school work while managing her health demands. The Class of ‘16 — along with the rest of the school — burst with joy to see her back at school. As Fr. Dick always says, “She’s something else!”

 Although coming back to school poses difficulties for Elizabeth, her sporting spirit doesn’t allow her to view challenges as problems. Getting around to different floors means an elevator ride with a friend (or three or four), and the useful invention of carbon paper instantly duplicates a classmate’s notes.

Elizabeth said, “It’s a big adjustment being back… but my mom says I don’t give myself enough credit in how much I’ve improved.” Elizabeth also appreciates the entire Sophomore class for their unwavering support. “Without them, I wouldn’t arrive to my classes on time, be organized, or get any of my homework done. You guys have no idea how much you’ve helped me.”

Elizabeth is, needless to say, happy to be back and grateful for the ongoing support. For the rest of Montrose, her presence is priceless!