A First-hand Account of NHS Induction

Bella Sardegna

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Five unlit candles stand before the juniors inducted in the National Honor Society. Each candle symbolizes a part of the ceremony taking place tonight. The candle in the middle represents the eternal light of knowledge that NHS members must passed on, casting a light that envelopes the remaining four. The rest of the candles represent the pillars of the National Honors Society: character, leadership, scholarship, and service. Each girl will pledge to uphold these attributes, and spread the light of their hard earned knowledge.

It is just getting dark as the junior girls arrive, and take their places on the stage. The audience fills with families and friends, as well as members from the senior class who will help induct the new members tonight. Seats are reserved for Dr. Bohlin and Dean Ginnetty, who support the girls with their presence.

Each girl is here tonight, at the end of two long years of hard work. Each has demonstrated the virtues of character, leadership, scholarship, and service, and all have truly striven to spread the light of knowledge. Now, each girl leaves her signature among those of previous Montrose members, and accepts a rose and a smile from a senior girl. The pledge concludes the night with every girl promising to remember their duty toward National Honors Society, and vowing to spread the light of their knowledge as they continue through Montrose and through life.

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