New Treat Venues for Montrosians in Medfield

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Montrosians contributed significantly to the opening day success of Starbucks in Medfield on Friday, September 27th. An end-of-the-day encounter with the Green Enforcers, Mrs. Weyman and Mrs. Hofer, who trash-dive at the end of each day to reclaim plastic items that should be recycled, gave some measure to Montrose’s enthusiasm for Starbucks. Trying to balance three bags filled with recyclables while scooping up cups that dropped out on occasion, Mrs. Weyman grumbled, “Look at all these cups! Starbucks is to blame.”

Enthusiasm for Starbucks could also be measured in comments that filled hallways and faculty office suites over the past month. Although Starbucks stores are not exactly few and far between, this new Starbucks store is a noteworthy addition to the town’s center. Only 75 feet from the Montrose campus, Starbucks should ramp-up their preps by 3:10 each day. Take the Montrosian’s Favorite Starbucks drink poll on the front page to help the staff be ready for your arrival.

China Sky

A new Chinese food restaurant, China Sky, remains under-construction, and students check daily to see when the “coming soon” sign will swap for an “open” sign. I requested an interview with someone at China Sky, and they could not give me an opening date, but told me to check the website. I have learned some interesting news about this new eatery.

According to the Medfield Patch, China Sky owner, JuQin Zhong, received Medfield Planning Board approval for the restaurant after just 15 minutes of deliberation last March. This will be a take-out only venue, with extensive hours from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. The Medfield China Sky is connected to the Wellesley restaurant of the same name. You can read their full menu online.

Roche Brother’s Plans for the Old Lord’s Storefront

Roche Brothers grocery chain has purchased the old Lord’s store, which closed last year after 73 years in business. Roche Brothers plans on creating a small grocery store, oriented toward daily shoppers picking up groceries on their way home from work and offering a bakery as well.

Roche Brothers will call the bakery the “Lord’s Cafe,” in honor of the former owners, long-revered in Medfield. The small grocery area will include prepared foods, produce, seafood, dairy, frozen items, and general merchandise.

These new Medfield venues — combined with the three pizza/sub restaurants, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Honey’s gourmet bakery and Northfield Market (Montrosian’s slushie-central) — make for a wide variety of fun after-school destinations for Montrose students, faculty and family. And, if you’re a senior, you can dash out during free periods to patronize these beloved Montrose businesses. For the rest of us, keep your eye on the clock for 3:05.



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