Montrose’s Upper School Semi Preparations

Montrose's Upper School Semi Preparations

Sarah Lepsevich '17

Who’s ready for the dance party of the century? Girls get you high heels ready because the Montrose semi is just around the corner. This year semi will be held on January 17th. The place is Rafael’s in Walpole. Last year was my first year at semi, and I had a blast.

What seemed to be everyone’s favorite part of semi was the dancing and just being with all of their friends. According to Sylvia Conte (‘16) “I had a lot of fun at semi last year because I got to dance and have fun with all of my friends.”

Since semi was such a success last year, people are well prepared and excited for this year’s Montrose semi. But preparing for semi can also seem stressful. For some, finding a dress and shoes for semi is their favorite part leading up to the event; but, for others, it is the most stressful part. For those who love to ‘shop till you drop,’ you will love every part of getting prepared for semi. For those, like me, who hate dress and shoe shopping, don’t procrastinate just because you dread it. That is what I did last year, and there were very few options left to chose.

In addition to shopping, finding a date to the dance can also add stress. “It is so stressful to find a boy to ask for semi, to know when to ask him, and if he will feel awkward or not at the dance,” said Alexa Lombardo ‘17. Alexa added that she also thought the opening handshake was awkward: “it makes you and your date feel very uncomfortable.” “Besides that, it was really fun,” she emphasized.

Even though tasks leading up to semi can be extremely stressful, once you actually get there, you and your date will have so much fun and it will all seem worth it.