Meeting Challenges at Making New Friends at the 9th Grade Experience


Mariel Rosati '19

On September 9th, the entire 9th grade class arrived at Montrose ready to embark on the annual 9th grade experience trip. Girls clambered onto the bus, trying to balance as they carried their sleeping bags, pillows, bags of clothes and other necessities.  After a long, rainy and technology-free ride to Camp Wing, everyone gathered in the main hall to meet our counselors.

First we were sorted into cabins. There were four cabins, and we each got to choose a bed and put our bags away to get ready for the exciting day ahead. Tory Krechting ‘19 said, “the bunk arrangements helped us to hang out with people we might not normally hang out with.”

The first games of the day were some fun icebreakers, and then we were all sorted into teams: Team Awesome, Team Brilliant, and Team Cool.  Team competition began with a scavenger hunt to learn places around the camp and the geography of the trails. After the scavenger hunt, each team went on to a series of bonding activities or ropes courses.

My team, Team Cool, got the opportunity to climb a giant rock climbing wall. Each girl was first secured in a harness, and we cheered loudly as each girl tried to reach the top of the wall. Maddie Marcucci ‘19 said, “The rock wall was wicked fun because everyone would cheer for one another, and once you reached the top it made you feel really good about yourself.”

After a few more small bonding activities, it was time to eat lunch. Every team made their way into the dining hall where we were served quesadillas and chips, salads, and sandwiches. Lunch was a great time to catch up with friends or talk to someone new and share the morning’s adventures. When lunch was over, we were surprised with a little dance party. Apparently at Camp Wing it is very common to dance and sing after every meal.

Following lunch, the teams went back outside to complete the activities that they had not had the chance to try yet. Another fun activity my team participated in was a high ropes course. The course consisted of two different routes, and both involved climbing a tree and walking on a wobbly “tightrope.” We also had fun trying out archery and learned how to hit a target with a bow and arrow.  

After a fun day of bonding and scary stories, each group headed back to the cabins to pick up items for the “Dutch auction” and then got ready for a delicious dinner. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t been on the 9th grade experience yet, but let’s just say the Dutch auction is quite the event, and my favorite part of the whole day. We also sang some campfire songs and devoured the sweet, gooey s’mores! Soon after, it was lights out so that we could rest for the upcoming activities of the next day.

The next morning, everyone met with their teams again, completed some obstacle courses, and then came up with fantastic idea to have “riff-off.” Let’s just say that coming up with songs and singing in harmony is a lot harder than Pitch Perfect makes it look. After our singing competition, we enjoyed our last meal at Camp Wing and split into two groups. The first group decided to go canoeing, and the second group chose to go fishing.

Ellie Barry ‘19 said, “The rowing competitions helped us bond and learn to work together with people we didn’t know as well.” The day concluded with an “egg-citing” egg drop competition.  After the day’s festivities had concluded, it was time to pack up our bags and get ready to leave.

We wistfully thanked all of our counselors and hopped on the bus, wishing we could relive all the fun moments again. The 9th grade experience was an amazing trip, and I made so many memories that I will never forget.