Last-Minute Trending Halloween Costume Ideas

George Martell

Bridget Baker '18, Contributing Writer

As Halloween quickly approaches, everyone is either putting last minute touches on their costumes or just finally deciding what they want to be. Some people such as Julia Lewis ‘18  love putting costumes together: “I plan ahead for Halloween because it is exciting.” On the other hand, last-minute stragglers may struggle. A fellow last-minute costume-maker, Emma Portanova ‘18 said: “I never plan for Halloween because I am to busy between sports and school.” Whether you’re one for planning ahead or late, it is always hard to find a costume inspiration. Here are some tips for the last-minute costume scramble.

Some people go for the classic costumes such s witches, monsters, princesses, etc. “I’m being a princess for Halloween,” Julia Lewis ‘18 added. The classic costumes are always great, but then there is also those hilarious trending topics that turn into great costumes. “I go for trending topics because they’re easy to find and they’re funny,” Maggie Gilbert ‘18 said. I could not agree more. I love the classic costume, but I tend to go for the trending topics for last minute inspirations.

Here is a list of five trending topics for you to dress up as on Halloween

  1. The US Women’s Soccer Team: In honor of the 2015 World Cup Soccer Champions this past summer, I thought it would be a good idea for a group of friends to get together and represent the star athletes.
  2. Scream Queens: The show Scream Queens aired September 22, 2015; and, since its airing date, it has become one of the most talked about shows. So find your most pink outfit and your inner queen been. and dress up as Emma Robert’s character Chanel Oberlin
  3. Donald Trump: I for one have been following the political campaigns and have noticed that Donald Trump has been the most talked about runner so far. So, if you’re up for the challenge of the execution of this costume, as well has the theatrics, I’m sure this costume will be great.
  4. Steve Jobs: With the Steve Jobs moving just out, timing is perfect to dress as the late owner of Apple Inc., is a simple yet effective costume.
  5. The Blue and Black/ White and Gold dress: In last winter the infamous debate whether a dress was blue and black or white and gold drove the nation wild. It would be a clever idea for you and a friend to dress up in blue and black/ white and gold and debate the colors of this famous photo.