Junior Josh Week

Julia Convery '19

The first day of Junior Josh Week, all the freshmen were told to wait outside their homeroom as the juniors added the finishing touches to the media center. We were impatiently yet eagerly waiting to get into the homeroom to see what the juniors had whipped up for us. As soon as the juniors signaled it was okay to go in, we all rushed through the media center corridor to find forty-one boxes stuffed with varieties of colorful costumes. The homeroom was complete with army themed wallpaper on the walls, camo-colored streamers everywhere, and a list of tasks we had to complete on the white board. Everyone rushed to find their assigned box, and then started immediately put on the silly costumes. The juniors read off the list of tasks we had to complete that week: salute a junior when you see them in the halls, yell “yes ma’am” after the lunch proctor says it’s time to clean up, and sing ‘God Bless America’ while doing the conga line during lunch, along with many more tasks.

    We repeated this process the rest of the week, with daily smiles in our direction as we went to our classes in the whimsical costumes. The last day of Junior Josh Week we were all given dog-tags and cleverly designed camel colored t-shirts while the juniors had similar army-green t-shirts. Each freshman was also handed a card from an junior who welcomed their assigned freshman into high school. Mariel Rosati ‘19 thought the cards were “a great addition and really sweet!” That week was a fun-filled week for everyone which showed how fun high school can really be!