Juniors Mark a Milestone with the Ring Ceremony

The Class of 2017 displays their Junior Rings.

The Class of 2017 displays their Junior Rings.

Elizabeth Prabakaran '17, Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, April 13, the Class of 2017 celebrated a favorite Montrose tradition, the Junior Ring Ceremony. The morning began with an all-school Mass for Montrose students as well as families of the Junior Class. Following Mass, the entire school, teachers, and families of the Junior Class proceeded to the A&A for the Ring Ceremony.  

Senior Class President Catherine Melley ‘16 spoke to the Juniors, sharing the significance of the ring and what the next year would hold for them. She described the tradition of spinning the ring one hundred and seventeen times, and warned against touching the seal because doing so brings bad luck.

The Juniors must wear the ring with the seal facing the girl to represent what Montrose means to the students in the community here, and the ring must be turned one hundred and sixteen times towards the wearer’s pinky. On graduation day, the girls must take their ring and put it on with ring facing the world, representing bringing all that Montrose has to offer into the world as they go their separate ways.  

Next, Ms. Milton ‘08 told the Juniors that despite the challenges of Senior year, the Class of 2017 will make the right choices.  Ms. Milton also described the significance of the words on the Montrose seal: Caritas, Veritas, and Libertas.   She explained how Caritas guides our hearts, Veritas guides our minds, and Libertas guides our lives.  With these words, the Junior Class received their rings, marking a milestone in their Montrose education and the “beginning of the end” of their time here.