Montrosians Reflect: ‘Big Papi’ David Ortiz Closes the Regular Season at Fenway

Montrosians Reflect: 'Big Papi' David Ortiz Closes the Regular Season at Fenway

Maddie Marcucci '19, Contributing Writer

“Going, going, going and it’s gone!”. This is the phrase that baseball announcers are used to saying once Big Papi steps up to home plate. With 541 home runs and counting, Big Papi has us sitting on the edge of our seats (or our couches) once he steps up to bat. On November 18, 2015, the greatest of all time announced that he would be stepping away from the ball game after the 2016 season. After 13 years with the Red Sox and 18 years in Major League baseball, David Ortiz is going to be walking away as one of the greatest designated hitter of all time.

On Sunday October 2, Big Papi played in his last regular season game. There were special ceremonies at the beginning, and some of his former teammates attended. It was also announced that his number, 34, would be retired at the end of the season. Cece Whitlock ‘19, went to the game on Sunday. She said, “I was so blessed to see him on the field playing his last game! He has made our city proud… He teared up after his former teammates and current teammates congratulated him. It was so sweet!” I was even tearing up watching these ceremonies from my couch. It was such a joyous and emotional game.

Red Sox fans have been sure to make his last season memorable. When I was at one of the games in late August, every time Big Papi stepped up to bat, everyone got on their feet and pulled out their cameras and try to catch the fleeting glimpses of magic that he performs at the plate. Everyone remains quiet with each pitch thrown, waiting and watching Ortiz take his swing. As soon as his bat hits the ball, the stadium erupts into a giant roar of glee.

Whatever he does, the crowd at Fenway — and those watching at home — let out a cheer of praise and gratitude. He even got a standing ovation for striking out, which is usually very frowned upon. Baseball players must be green with envy of Ortiz.The people who were sitting in front of me were from England, and they stood up with their professional camera every time he stepped up to bat. When he hit his first home run of the night, the dad did not catch a picture of Ortiz as he was rounding third base. However, he was not too upset. He said, “It’s ok, because he will do it again!”

Ortiz has definitely deserved every ounce of attention during his final season. The Red Sox will miss him, Boston will miss him, and the game of baseball will miss the legendary player who has raised the expectations for the offensive side of baseball. Thank you, Big Papi for being the greatest of all time. We’ll remember him as 34 and they’ll be a bridge named in his honor to remind us that David Ortiz has catapulted the Red Sox through some exciting years. And it’s not over yet. The Red Sox face the Cleveland Indians in Division playoffs starting Thursday, October 6th.