Patriots Make History: Superbowl LI


Jenna McCarthy '19, Contributing Writer

History was made last Sunday. Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl and it was the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Keara Savage ‘19 explains her family’s superstitions. She said, “My cousin, Andrew, went up and touched the TV. Then, the Pats started playing better and were getting some points on the board. We told Andrew to keep touching the TV!” Ciara Young ‘18 exclaimed, “It was incredible! The most exciting moment for me was when the tide began to turn. The fourth quarter was definitely a highlight.” Mrs. Nolan admits she fell asleep for 5 minutes during the third quarter. However, when she woke up she admitted, “It was the closest to a heart attack I have ever been. I was so happy when the Pats won for my sake and my husband’s sake.”

In Journalism class, we read an article about the Super Bowl and discussed the intellectual virtues exhibited in the game, especially that of focus. Tom Brady never lost sight of his goal as he led his losing team to greatness that night. He embodies the perfect player as he kept his single-minded focus on achieving one touchdown at a time. Tom Brady displayed commitment to his team, and his hard work paid off in Super Bowl LI. This Super Bowl was something I will never forget. New Englanders will remember this for decades and the victory will be remembered for generations to come.