Father-Daughter Bagel Breakfast: Beloved Montrose Tradition a Great Success!


Abigail Finnerty '19, Contributing Writer

Montrose’s Father-Daughter Bagel Breakfast was a smashing success!  The breakfast took place on the morning of February 16th, and the earlier start time of 7am definitely provided more opportunity for conversation rather than just eating quickly and leaving.  Several fathers and daughters attended the breakfast and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Anna Noon ‘19 said: “It was so much fun! It was really nice to spend some time with my dad and my friends!”  Some girls attended without their dads, but they still had an enjoyable time regardless.  Sofia Conte ‘19 commented: “It didn’t really bother me that my dad couldn’t make it to the event because it was just good to hang out with my friends and eat lots of delicious food!”  The only downside of the event was the noticeable absence of Father Dick.  Isabel Buckley ‘18 said: “The bagel breakfast wasn’t the same without Father Dick.  The energy in the room felt different.”  However, it was a wonderful surprise when Father Dick returned for Mass that same day!  Overall, the Montrose Father-Daughter Bagel Breakfast is a loveable tradition that should be around for years to come!