Big/Little Sister Breakfast: Big Success over Bagels and Balloons

Mariel Rosati '19, Copy Editor

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On March 29, Montrosians of all ages came together in their Big/Little Sister pairs for a delicious bagel breakfast. Students in both the middle and upper school sat scattered around the M&M, crowding the white tables decorated with table cloths and balloons while laughing amongst friends. Big/Little Sister events are always a great opportunity to get to know girls of a different class. Event organizer and StudGov Secretary Cece Whitlock ‘19 spoke for the Executive Team when she said: “We hope everyone had a lot of fun and bonded with their Montrose sisters!”

This tradition is a special one, and as Maddie Marcucci ‘19 said: “The Big/Little Sister breakfast is one of my favorite traditions at Montrose.” During the school week, it can be hard to find time for each other, as both the middle and upper school students have classes in different areas of the building. Maddie added: “Sometimes it can be hard to find times outside of school to hang out with my little sister, so it is a fun time to hang out with my little sister outside of a common period.”

Most girls shared positive feedback, but one thing to improve in the future would be the line for bagels. A few people shared their concerns that the lengthy line limited the amount of time spent with their Big/Little Sister. Nonetheless, the event was an overall success. Bella Rinaldi ‘19 said, “it’s a good way to interact and spend time with our little sister.” Middle schooler Emma Judge ‘22 agrees agreed, “it is a great time for bonding.” Thank you to Stud Gov and everyone who participated.