Montrosians Celebrated at Laureate and Middle School Awards

Montrosians Celebrated at Laureate and Middle School Awards

Abigail Finnerty '19, Contributing Writer

The Laureate and Middle School Awards Ceremonies are Montrose traditions that award those students who demonstrate excellence in academic classes and extracurricular activities.  These ceremonies provide an opportunity to recognize superior achievement in academics, fine and performing arts, and athletics.  Congratulations to all the award recipients: you have all earned this special honor! Special congratulations to the Class of 2017’s Valedictorian Carmen Bolivar and Salutatorian Nathalie Rodrigues Vaz Falcão! Good luck to all the winners on their future endeavorsI’m sure all of you will spread your love of learning and inspire others!

Laureate Awards


Genres of Literature:  Sophie Kocho ‘20

British Literature 10:  Becky Gillis ‘19

British Literature 11:  Kiran Kottapalli ‘18

Modern Literature:  Mary Korzeniowski ‘17

AP Language & Composition 11:  Anneka Ignatius ‘18 & Gabby Landry ‘18

AP Language & Composition 12:  Mary Glynn ‘17



Western Civilization in a Global Context:  Anna Bachiochi ‘20

Modern European History 10: Abigail Finnerty ‘19 & Jane D’Abate ‘19

Modern European History 11:  Quenvy Li ‘18

AP European History Grade 10:  Caroline Churney ‘19

AP European History Grade 11:  Gabrielle Landry ‘18

Comparative Political Thought:  Natalie Montalbano ‘17



Theology 9:  Katie Hogan ‘20

Theology 10: Jenna McCarthy ‘19

Theology/Philosophy 11:  Francesca Dyke ‘18

Theology/Philosophy 12:  Mary Glynn ‘17



Math 9:  Sylvia Shi ‘20

Math 10:  Caroline Churney ‘19 & Jessie Wang ‘19

Math 11:  Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Math 12:  Nathalie Rodrigues Vaz Falcao ‘17



Biology:  Lily Wei ‘20

Chemistry:  Ellie Barry ‘19

Physics:  Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Anatomy & Physiology:  Shannon Rose ‘17

AP Biology:  Natalie Montalbano ‘17



French I:  Celia Roberto ‘20

French II:  Demi Katinas ‘19

French III:  Keely Dumouchel ‘18

AP French:  Mary Glynn ‘17

Spanish I:  Sophie Kocho ‘20

Spanish II:  Caroline Churney ‘19

Spanish III:  Gabby Landry ‘18

AP Spanish:  Carmen Bolivar ‘17

Latin II:  Sarah Ling ‘20

Latin III:  Sofia Conte ‘19

Latin IV:  Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Advanced Latin:  Carmen Bolivar ‘17




Drawing: Sophie Kocho ‘20

Painting: Hannah Melville ‘18

Upper School Music: Erin Golden ‘17

Journalism 10: Mariel Rosati ‘19

Journalism 11/12: Gabby Landry ‘18

Computer Science: Abigail Navin ‘19



Outstanding Capstone Paper: Emma Schiller ‘17

Outstanding Capstone Presentation: Sarah Lepsevich ‘17


Outstanding Papers

Outstanding Paper Grade 9 – Celia Roberto ‘20

Outstanding Paper Grade 10- Julia Convery ‘19

Outstanding Paper Grade 11 – Anneka Ignatius ‘18


Society of Women Engineers

High Honors: Anneka Ignatius ‘18 & Elizabeth Ling ‘18

Highest Honors: Natalie Montalbano ‘17

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Elizabeth Ling ‘18


Junior Book Awards

Boston College Book Award: Elizabeth Ling ‘18

College of the Holy Cross Book Award: Ciara Young ‘18

Harvard Book Prize: Gabby Landry ‘18

Jefferson Book Award: Alex Rider ‘18

Smith College Book Award: Annie Miklus ‘18

St. Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience: Aine Ford ‘18

Wellesley College Book Award: Anneka Ignatius ‘18


Inspiration Award

9th Grade:  Sophie Kocho ‘20 & Sarah Ling ‘20

10th Grade:  Caroline Churney ‘19

11th Grade:  Gabby Landry ‘18

12th Grade:  Sarah Lepsevich ‘17


Senior Awards

Senior High Honors:  Carmen Bolivar ‘17

Salutatorian: Nathalie Rodrigues Vaz Falcão ‘17

Valedictorian: Carmen Bolívar ‘17

Aimee Alcarez Cowan (’93) Award for Literary Promise:  Mary Glynn ‘17

Spirit of Service Award: Carmen Bolívar ‘17

Headmistress Award for Distinguished Service to the School: Sarah McAuliffe ‘17 & Emma Schiller ‘17

Montrose School Cup: Nathalie Rodrigues Vaz Falcão ‘17


Middle School Awards

Caritas Award: Ava Russo ‘23, Alanna Hyatt ‘22, & Ally Noriega ‘21

Responsibility Award: Gillian Murray ‘23, Kate Pioch ‘22, & Peyton Leveckis ‘21

Perseverance Award: Maria Fasse ‘23, Mia Clark ‘22, & Katherine Flynn ‘21

Service Award: Caity Beard ‘23, Faith Chen ‘22, & Mia Alto ‘21

8th Grade Leadership Award: Catherine Bettinelli ‘21 & Isabelle Russo ‘21