Consideration Beyond the Classroom


Mariel Rosati '19 and Jenna McCarthy '19

Monday, May 15th, and Tuesday, May 16th, marked an exciting event for Montrose students and faculty! The Sophomore Journalism class came up with a multi-step school wide initiative involving the school’s theme of the year: Consideration. We recognized an area for growth in our school communitythoughtfulness and awareness of our actionsand decided to introduce a variety of activities as a way to insert those ideas into our everyday lives. Two members of our class, Isabelle Heron ‘19 and Kiki Karam ‘19, contributed to the Consideration theme with personal articles throughout the year.  Isabelle wrote an Ask Alice advice column, and Kiki wrote an article for her famous column Kik’s Declassified: “Making a Connection Can Make Someone’s Day.”

The next step of the initiative was a schoolwide sticky note game to motivate studentsand even teachersto join in. We paired the sticky note project with three Character Leadership Discussions, or CLD’s, on Tuesday that we led in hopes of further spreading the Consideration theme.

The girls, Mariel Rosati ‘19, Jenna McCarthy ‘19, Kiki Karam ‘19, Julia McKenzie ‘19, Meagan Flynn ‘19, Tory Krechting ‘19, Maddie Marcucci ‘19, Isabelle Heron ‘19, and Abigail Finnerty ‘19, along with elective advisor, Ms. Cusack, produced piles upon piles of sticky notes in preparation for their planone that encouraged students of all ages to get to know each other, and to earn points for their Red and White teams.

Starting Monday, students took a sticky note from the bag on Mrs. Howard’s desk and searched the school to find the person whose name was on that paper. Once she found that person, she would introduce herself, ask a quick question, get a signature on the sticky note, and then return that note back to her corresponding Red/White team box. Judging from all the positive feedback, I would say this activity was a success! Due to popular demand, the “sticky note swap” was even extended one more day, into Wednesday.

The winner of the sticky note game was the Red Team with 71 sticky notes! The White Team was not too far behind at 66 sticky notes, and even some teachers got in on the fun. Isabelle Frank ‘19 shared, “I really liked it! I thought it was a really fun and cool way to talk to people you wouldn’t necessarily have the chance to talk to otherwise. I do wish it had been longer though because it  was so much fun.” Following the sticky note success, the 10th grade Journalism class also organized an inter-grade Character and Leadership Discussion (CLD), which complemented the Consideration theme.