An Interview with All The Things I Never Told You author, Gabby Landry ‘18

An Interview with All The Things I Never Told You author, Gabby Landry ‘18

Mariel Rosati '19, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Montrose student and Looking Glass Co-Editor-in-Chief, Gabby Landry ‘18, has tried it all — from Model UN, TEDX talk, Letters for Literature finalist, to National History Day 2017 Best Massachusetts Research Paper. This fall, Gabby has added one more title to her impressive skill set: published author. Her book of prose, All The Things I Never Told You, is a revealing, insightful piece into Gabby’s innermost thoughts shared in ways that anyone can feel connected to her own life experiences. After spending the summer writing, she decided to publish her poems in a book – which is now for sale on Amazon. I caught up with Gabby Landry to learn about her experiences, the self publishing process, and the inside scoop on All The Things I Never Told You.

After meeting up with Gabby, I discovered that she has not always written poetry. In fact, she said: “starting in April after the Bard’s visit, a family friend had passed away… in response to that, I began writing my poems.”  She began thinking of publishing in some form, and after her Tedx Talk in Burlington last spring, she met Zach Watson, an author who enjoyed her speech and helped her through the publishing process. “He [Watson] told me ‘you are the only one in your way’ and coached me through the self publishing process with weekly calls, goal setting, and meeting for the process layout.”

Gabby used CreateSpace, a self publishing platform on Amazon, to publish All The Things I Never Told You. She promises that overall “ [it was] very simple to upload the document, make a cover, and go through the proofing process.” It only took “about 1 week for the first proof to arrive in mid July.” Then she got to work on revisions, ordering a second proof, and ultimately making All The Things I Never Told You a variable on Amazon.

Landry’s warning for new writers: “we get in our own way.” For those who are not sure how to go about publishing, she encourages people to “submit to online forums and contests.” Gabby also suggests making a site on Wix to share your work with others. You can view Gabby’s latest poems at her blog.

The title of All The Things I Never Told You, “was something I came up with; we hold a lot of what we think inside, and I read book called Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember and drew inspiration from that.” Gabby said. As for the cover art, which features a set of hands reaching out, Gabby added: “my sister Tiffany Landry ‘13 drew the image.”

Gabby’s book, All The Things I Never Told You is available on, or you can purchase a copy directly from Gabby at school. She has big plans to extend her book’s market to local bookshops, such as Park Street Books, as well. Congratulations Gabby!