Montrose Fall Sports Banquet: Filled with Rousing Cheers For All


Sophie Kocho '20, Staff Writer

M O N T R O S E. Picture it spelled out in enormous silvery, shiny balloons across the A&A stage. This was the spectacular sight that Montrosians encountered upon entering the A&A for the Fall 2017 Sports Banquet.

Our wonderful new Athletic Director, Julie Ruggieri, opened the ceremonies with a lovely speech commemorating the fall sports teams. Ms. Ruggieri applauded the determination, passion, and integrity that all the teams exemplified this season. Ms. Ruggieri also extended a special thanks to all those who made the fall season possible this year, especially our superb coaches and parents. After her speech, grace was said, and the meal began. Dinner, catered by Oliva’s in Milford, was delicious. As Mary McManmon‘20 says “I always look forward to the banquet food because it is always so delicious”.

Near the end of dinner, the awards ceremony began. Teams were called up one at a time, and individual awards were distributed to players (see list below). Meredith Ehrenzeller ‘24 said that when receiving her award she felt “really proud and happy of my team and myself,”.

In my opinion, the most magical part of the evening occurred during the awards ceremony. When a name was called for an award, cheers immediately echoed throughout the gym. The unadulterated support Montrosians showed each other is a perfect representation of the 2017 fall sports season: enthusiasm love, and support.

Alex Condrin‘18 gave a senior’s perspective of the night: “It is wonderful to be together as a team for one final time. The Banquet is a beautiful time to see who the next two captains are going to be, and see the fun and excitement live on!”

With this lovely closing of the fall season, hearts are turning with excitement (mine included!) to the upcoming basketball season…. Go Mavs!

Fall 2017 Awards
Volleyball IGC Championship Finalists
IGC All-League Selections Isabelle Heron, Aine Ford
IGC League Co-MVP Isabelle Heron
Team MVP Isabelle Heron
110% Award Aine Ford
Most Improved Courtney Aicardi
Unsung Hero Caroline Churney
2018 Captains Isabelle Heron, Caroline Churney
Varsity Field Hockey
Team MVP Regina Crevier
110% Award Alex Condrin
Most Improved Maria Schickel
Unsung Hero Anna Rose, Hannah Melville, Sophie Kocho
2018 Captains Soup Dumont, Katie Randal
Varsity Soccer IGC Division I Champions
IGC All-League Selections Ciara Dunn, Maggie Gilbert, Kelsey Lopez, Annie Irwin, Devyn Gianino
IGC League Co-MVP Annie Irwin
Team MVP Annie Irwin, Maggie Gilbert
110% Award Gabriella Bachiochi
Most Improved Kaleigh Robinson
Unsung Hero Julia Convery
2018 Captains Annie Irwin, Anna Noon
Cross Country 2nd Place Varsity; 1st Place JV @ NEPSTA D4 Championships
NEPSTA All-Stars Ciara Young, Kasey Corra, Tess Farr
Team MVP Kasey Corra
110% Award Tess Farr
Most Improved Ana Fernandez del Castillo, Meredith Ehrenzeller
Unsung Hero Emma Lucy
2018 Captains Emily Bowman, Julia Phillips, Brooke Harrison
JV Soccer
Team MVP Catherine Olohan
110% Award Theresa Bettinelli
Most Improved Grace O’Neill
Unsung Hero Grace Gulbankian
JV Field Hockey
Team MVP Amaia O’Brien
110% Award Nina Polansky
Most Improved Maddy Grigg
Unsung Hero Gillian Murray