AP Comp Sci Leads Montrose in an Hour of Code


AP Computer Science class and teacher Mrs. Rinaldi.

Gabby Landry '18, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Resource period on Wednesday, December 6th, was an exciting break in the regular schedule.  Montrosians shuffled into the M&M, where the AP Computer Science class presented some of their recent projects, and then led students in an Hour of Code.  Mrs. Rinaldi, who teaches the AP Computer Science class, said, “Hour of Code is a worldwide initiative. In fact, it is part of this week: Computer Science Education Week.”  She added that the purpose of the project is to “expose kids in middle and high school to the world of computer science in an approachable and likeable way.”

Students had the opportunity to view the website that Senior Kiran Kottapalli ‘18 created and continues to modify in AP Comp Sci.  They also watched the story Kiran coded, a four-frame tale of a young child who learns the meaning of gratitude at Christmas.  Addie Harrison ‘19 also shared her story, in which puns were abound in a conversation between two cups of tea.  

Kiran said, “Computer Science is a great experience, because you have the opportunity to take vague problems and solve them using small details.  It’s also cool to see the end product.”

Regina Crevier ‘18, who learned from Comp Sci students during the Hour of Code, said, “I really enjoy it!  We had a short introduction to computer science in eighth grade, so this was a good opportunity to pursue it in high school.  It’s really cool to explore the ideas of computer science that go on behind the scenes.”  She added, “I’m glad Montrose has this class now.”

Jillian Tierney ‘24 sat with several other sixth graders and a few upper schoolers who helped her and her classmates through the Hour of Code.  “It’s really fun!” she said.

AP Comp Sci student Aine Ford ‘18 concluded, “With the Hour of Code, anyone in the world can learn the basics of different types of coding.  Having these skills, even the basics, are essential in today’s digital age and in everyday problems.”  She shared that because of the AP Computer Science class, she intends to pursue a minor in Computer Science in college.