Montrosian Farewell to Father Joe



Mariel Rosati '19, Co-Editor in Chief

Father Joe has been an integral member of the Montrose community for 16 years. This past Wednesday, Father Joe said his final Mass at Montrose in the presence of alumni, faculty, students, and their families. He has served as Montrose Chaplain for the past 16 years, working side-by-side with OG Fr Dick. Before Father Joe, Montrose often had chaplains replaced almost every year. Father Joe worked with Father Dick to make Montrose Masses enriching and interesting for students. Saying goodbye to Chaplain Father Joe’s daily wisdom, humor, and warm smile offered the Montrose community a chance to transform loss into gratitude. Hear what Montrosians shared about this beloved priest.

I’m grateful to Fr Joe for…

  • “inspiring homilies and positive attitude” – Lucy Stefani ‘21
  • “his smiles at me when I pass him in the halls”- Lucy Bachiochi ‘23
  • “He’s really understanding and eager to help.” – Caroline Shannahan ‘23
  • “He goes out of his way to celebrate Masses during the summer at Camp Mattakeesett or just grade retreats”. – Julia Convery ‘19
  • “Fr. Joe has this spirit about him that never ceases to make everyone around smile. His attitude and love of service towards others increases everyday and always reminds me how special our school is to have him with us.” – Regina Crevier ‘18
  • “He is always supportive and willing to help our community.” – Ava Russo ‘23
  • “He is so kind to all of the Montrose family.” – Carrie Miklus ‘24
  • “He makes time in his busy schedule to say Mass and give chapel periods.” – Ana Fernandez ‘22
  • “His constant presence of inspiration and encouragement to all.” – Maevis Fahey ‘21
  • “Fr. Joe shows his extreme dedication to the Work by being in 100 places at one time and still manages to celebrate Mass at Montrose. I’ll definitely miss Fr. Joe.” – Kate Pioch ’22
  • “He always supports us with a smile on his face!” – Nina Polansky ‘23
  • “He is always smiling when I see him. Even though he might be busy and and he doesn’t know me very well, he talks to me and makes everyone around him feel special.” – Theresa Marcucci ‘23
  • “He has a great sense of humor, and is so nice!” – Loraine Niebuhr ‘24
  • “He is always open for talking.” – Brynn O’Brien ’24
  • “He is kind and understanding and super funny. I feel safe when I talk to him. I will miss him.” – Tori Morris ‘23
  • “He always says hi to you in the hallways and ask how you are doing.” – Kenzie Cassler ‘24”
  • “His homilies always give me something to think about and because of that I now go to mass everyday.” – Elyza Tuan ‘23
  • “He is very passionate and he shows it by how hard he works. He is always busy helping someone!” – Ava Flynn ‘22

Father Joe will be greatly missed by all – both faculty and students. The Montrose community wishes him all the best in DC,  and we hope to see him again soon!