Spring Sports Banquet Honors 2017-18 Athletes while Planning for Montrose’s First Homecoming this Fall


Lily Wei '20, Features Editor

After fighting for our team for almost three months, it was the annual sports banquet. We changed from our sports shorts and shirts into our elegant dress and high heels. The teams enjoyed pasta, desserts, and another moment where we unified as a team outside of our sport. The dinner was fun while we talked about our sport jokes and best bonding memories. This year Montrose has the most athletes ever, as more people choose to get involved into sports activities. After the dinner the rewards ceremony began.

As each team was called to unto the stage, we felt a little shy at first. However, as each coach finally announced the recipients of the rewards, all of us began clapping, cheering their names, and sincerely feeling happy for their achievements on the team. Moreover, this year, Montrose also had all-school awards for athletes who dedicate their efforts in leading school sport spirit. Check out the list of all-school awards at the end of this article!

Through the whole banquet, my favorite part was the video. The first scene was my teammates jumping into a rocky long jump pit. As a member of the track team, I still remember that Thursday afternoon that we spent one hour cleaning concrete on the corner of Montrose parking lot in order to build a long jump pit. I personally think that was the best moment in my track season. I believe every athlete began reminiscing those kind of bonding moments in their memories as the video went on. We saw our sweating, red faces. We saw the cheering and courage from our teammates. We saw our determination and perseverance, and we saw the moment we won the game. When we look back on the whole season we may think how hard we pushed ourselves. But more importantly, we all feel our effort are worthwhile because of our smiling faces and incredible achievements. We care about results, but we care more about helping our teammates and the process which we have put 110% energy into.  Everyone is proud of Montrosian athletes as we fight for our team and never give up.

In addition to the wonderful sport banquet that Athletic Director Ms. Ruggieri planned, Montrose will also have its first MAAC next year. MAAC stands for Montrose Athletic Advisory Council As Ms. Ruggieri said her goal is to create a council that will be composed of both athletes and non-athletes, student representatives from all grades. The ultimate purpose of this council is to to increase school spirit.

As members of MAAC, students will help:

  • Plan for Homecoming 2018, which is Friday, September 21st and Saturday, September 22nd. There will hopefully be a pep rally prior to Homecoming as well.
  • Think creatively on how to promote increased student and faculty attendance at all athletic games.
  • Plan community service events during the year, such as breast cancer awareness games, MS walk, etc.
  • Bridge communication between the student-athletes and administration.

Here is the list of all school awards for athletes. Let’s give them a big and warm high five to extend recognition for these hard working athletes who lead with team spirit.  

All-School Awards:
Frank Power, Jr. Award of Excellence – is presented to a Montrose junior athlete who most exemplifies the ideal of excellence, leadership, loyalty, dedication and sportsmanship. – Annie Irwin 19

The Montrose Portrait Award recognizes student-athletes who are seniors, and while at Montrose, best exemplify a spirit of camaraderie and fellowship with their demonstrated desire to assist their teammates. They are consistently attentive to the needs of others and bring out the best in them. They add depth and dimension to the team with their eye for unity and excellence. – Isabel Buckely & Hannah Marino ‘18

The Reverend Richard Rieman Award is presented to the Montrose student-athlete who exemplifies the ideals of faith, service, perseverance, and leadership with character, sincerity, and warmth. She serves an inspiration to others. – Ciara Dunn ‘18


Fall 2017 Awards
Volleyball IGC Championship Finalists
IGC All-League Selections Isabelle Heron Aine Ford
IGC League Co-MVP Isabelle Heron
Team MVP Isabelle Heron
110% Award Aine Ford
Most Improved Courtney Aicardi
Unsung Hero Caroline Churney
2018 Captains Isabelle Heron Caroline Churney
Varsity Field Hockey
Team MVP Regina Crevier
110% Award Alex Condrin
Most Improved Maria Schickel
Unsung Hero Anna Rose Hannah Melville Sophie Kocho
2018 Captains Soup Dumont Katie Randall
Varsity Soccer IGC Division I Champions
IGC All-League Selections Ciara Dunn Maggie Gilbert Kelsey Lopez Annie Irwin Devyn Gianino
IGC League Co-MVP Annie Irwin
Team MVP Annie Irwin Maggie Gilbert
110% Award Gabriella Bachiochi
Most Improved Kaleigh Robinson
Unsung Hero Julia Convery
2018 Captains Annie Irwin Anna Noon
Cross Country 2nd Place Varsity; 1st Place JV @ NEPSTA D4 Championships
NEPSTA All-Stars Ciara Young Kasey Corra Tess Farr
Team MVP Kasey Corra
110% Award Tess Farr
Most Improved Ana Fernandez del Castillo Meredith Ehrenzeller
Unsung Hero Emma Lucy
2018 Captains Emily Bowman Julia Phillips Brooke Harrison
JV Soccer
Team MVP Catherine Olohan
110% Award Theresa Bettinelli
Most Improved Grace O’Neill
Unsung Hero Grace Gulbankian
JV Field Hockey
Team MVP Amaia O’Brien
110% Award Nina Polansky
Most Improved Maddy Grigg
Unsung Hero Gillian Murray
Winter 2017-18 Awards
MS Basketball
Team MVP Monica Crevier
110% Award Maddy Grigg
Most Improved Grace Kondracki
Unsung Hero Ridhi Thortakura
JV Basketball
Team MVP Kasey Corra
110% Award Erin Resnick
Most Improved Helen Olahan
Unsung Hero Grace Gulbankian Theresa Marcucci
Varsity Basketball IGC Division I Finalists; NEPSAC Class D Tournament Quarter Finals
IGC All-League Selections Ciara Dunn Maria Lennon
Team MVP Devyn Gianino Ciara Dunn
110% Award Therese Schickel
Most Improved Molly Morgan
Unsung Hero Mary McManmon
2018 Captains Annie Irwin Caroline Churney
Spring 2018 Awards
JV Lacrosse
Team MVP Monica Crevier
110% Award Catherine Bettinelli
Most Improved Paloma Castillo
Unsung Hero Catherine Olohan
Varsity Lacrosse IGC Division 1 Co-Champions
IGC All-Stars Isabel Buckley Annie Irwin Regina Crevier Molly Bowman Julia McKenzie
Team MVP Isabel Buckley Annie Irwin
110% Award Regina Creiver
Most Improved Sofia Amavicza
Unsung Hero Mary McManmon Julia McKenzie
2018 Captains Emma Dunnington Annie Irwin Julia McKenzie
Varsity Softball
IGC All-Star Maggie MacIsaac
Team MVP Maggie MacIsaac
110% Award Aine Ford
Most Improved Bella Convery
Unsung Hero Maddie Marcucci
2018 Captains Maddie Marcucci Veronica Salvaggio
Track & Field
Team MVP Kasey Corra
110% Award Hannah Marino
Most Improved Maddy Phinney Meredith Erhenzeller
Unsung Hero Julia Convery
2018 Captains Emily Bowman Julia Convery