Red Sox set to ‘Do Damage’ in World Series Run



Maddie Marcucci '19 & Kate Novack '24, Faith Editor & Staff Writer

Today is the first game of the World Series. The Red Sox are  in it to win it, and Boston is a buzz. Here at Montrose, we have Red Sox enthusiasts as well. Read on to hear senior Maddie Marcucci and seventh grader Kate Novack give their take on this years baseball post-season.

Maddie’s perspective: Baseball in October is the best kind of baseball! Blowouts, walk-offs and extra innings strike through the post-season. We saw a Yankees-Red Sox series that caused me to experience a full range of emotions: joy, fear, anger, and pride are just a few that I felt! During Game 2 of the Yankees series,  I was driving through Connecticut so I heard the Yankees perspective of the game on the radio. 10/10 would NEVER recommend, especially after a game like that!! The Red Sox played an epic series against our arch enemies the Yankees: the Red Sox won this series, 3-1 leading them to a series with the Astros.

The consistency of the Red Sox bullpen — the offensive side of baseball: batting — has been pretty inconsistent throughout the regular and now the postseason as well. This  inconsistency makes me totally nervous. However, in the Red Sox defense (when they play in the field) provides hope. In particular, the outfielders Andrew Benintendi, Jackie Bradley Junior, and Mookie Betts are all notorious for outrageous catches that save the team from blowouts. This raw talent has saved the Red Sox on multiple occasions. The Red Sox played strongly an Astros pennant series and won 4-1. I was at one of these games; and, unfortunately, I was there for their one loss against the Astros. However, the atmosphere at Fenway during the playoffs is amazing. The energy is up, everyone is cheering really loudly, and emotions are running high. When everyone realized the Astros were going to win, the atmosphere became pretty depressing. But you could still see the love the Fans have for the Red Sox. Boston Sports Fans are incredibly passionate, and I had so much fun being able to experience the Boston spirit during the playoffs. I can’t wait to continue to cheer on the Red Sox as they go through this World Series, and I hope you will be cheering them on as well!

Kate’s perspective: As I was watching all of the Red Sox games, my adrenaline was running throughout my body. As the games went on, I had realized that a lot of the Red Sox players were on-point. When the Red Sox played the Yankees, the Yankees were very mad.  Brett Gardner, from the Yankees, was enraged and threw his cap down when his hit was caught by our amazing outfielders. It just goes to show how many people are furious with the Red Sox because we are so talented. The Yankees pitching lineup was not strong. One of the Yankees pitchers, Lance Lynn, threw some bad pitches that gave the Red Sox some really good opportunities to score.

My Dad always told me, with the Yankees, you never know what is going to happen. The season is not over until it is over!

Go Red Sox! Good luck in the World Series!