Stress-busters for Finals 2015

Stress-busters for Finals 2015

Grace Alyea '18

Everybody at the end of the year can be stressed and overwhelmed – especially when it comes to studying for finals. That is why I have compiled a list of five ways for you to de-stress yourself as the year comes to a close.

  1. Breaks. One should take frequent breaks in order to calm the mind. A little bit of Netflix could do wonders for the stressed

  2. Shopping. All that walking around the mall and shops is a mix of exercise which is very relaxing and it helps your brain focus when it comes to all the prices and sales.

  3. Music. Music is a helpful tool when it comes to studying. Why should studying be boring and stressful when it could be fun and musical?

  4. Food. Snack breaks are also highly recommended. Someone who is trying to concentrate on their history should not be distracted by an empty stomach.

  5. Group studies. Someone who is stressed should not stress alone. Get together with friends and go out for lunch or go to the beach.

These are my top five ways for you have a relaxing and smooth rest of the year. Good luck!