You Can’t Do it All: Balancing Sports and Drama

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By Sarah Gibson ‘14

This year many Montrosians face a difficult choice between playing sports or participating in theater. This is because the new policy for sports and drama participation has been changed, and students are no longer allowed to do both activities during the same season. Mrs. Blackburn and Mrs. Sullivan revealed the motive behind the change.

sport symbolsAthletic Director Mrs. Blackburn stated “It is the wish of the drama and athletics department that each and every student has an opportunity to enjoy both activities.” She explained that the schedule for both drama and sports for the 2013 and 1014 year does not allow room for students to participate in both activities. Montrose has always had a hard working and dedicated spirit that encourages girls to participate wholeheartedly in their activities; however, “If the student athlete signed up for a spring sport and the spring production, they would be forced to miss too many critical practices, rehearsals and games in an effort to do both.”  Coach Blackburn added, “The policy is reviewed each year. “

As a lover of sports and a devotee to theater, I have had years of experience  trying to participate on both athletic teams and drama troupes . For my entire life, I have always been able to do both activities, two shows a year and plenty of time for sports. Doing homework however is a top priority, going along with my parents motto of “school comes first.”

It’s all about finding a compromise. For instance, I play soccer in the fall and softball in the spring as well as musicals in the winter and summer. This way, by alternating play and sport seasons, I really do get the best of both worlds without overwhelming my schedule and forgetting about other priorities.

Mrs. Blackburn agrees: “My advice is to make a choice based on the fact that a student can switch from year to year. The experience will be much more fulfilling when the student can fully commit to one activity or the other instead of juggling both activities and having to take a less significant role in each.“

drama symbolBased on current policies, students will have to choose which activity they would like to do. Still these new rules hold a glimmer of hope in the future. As Drama Coordinator, Mrs. Sullivan, said “We will reassess every year to see if and when dual participation might be possible.” For this year, you just can’t do it all.