Survive Finals With Kik’s Latest Survival Guide: Finals Edition

Opinions Editor Kiki Karam '19 shares best school advice in her Declassified Guide: Montrose Edition.  Read on to find the best tips for final exams!

Opinions Editor Kiki Karam '19 shares best school advice in her Declassified Guide: Montrose Edition. Read on to find the best tips for final exams!

Kiki Karam '19, Opinions Editors

It’s almost finals week. Are you scared, sleepy, hungry and sad — all at once? There are many ways to survive finals week and do it well. So have no fear, Kik is here!

  1. Timing is everything. DO NOT study the night before for a final. The next day you will be too tired to focus and will most likely forget everything. Crash courses do not work, yet we always make the mistake of trying to shove information into our brains the night before.
  2. When studying for a final or any test – get rid of distractions. Studying for an hour without being distracted is much more efficient than studying for four hours but the whole time being unfocused. Your brain can’t retain information on history while scrolling through your Insta-feed. So please give your brain a break from draining distractions.
  3. Studying by yourself gets boring- especially if you’re a social person. So, make a study group. This really helps if you find a group of people you can focus with.  Make games, quiz each other, take turns reading facts aloud, or do anything else that all can participate in.
  4. Make sure to clarify fuzzy topics before the test. It is fair game for the teachers to ask a question on the topic you learned five months ago. Ask your teacher about anything that you struggled with or you don’t remember. That’s what they are there for.
  5. Don’t just use your textbook. It is helpful for most things, but you may miss some things your teacher spoke about or presented in class discussion about. Going through your notes is key. If you take good notes, they will carry class discussions and will summarize important parts of the book.
  6. Go through old quizzes and tests. Although you may never want to look back on your old tests and quizzes, it is most likely that the final will include the information your teachers chose to put on past assessments.  There may even be some of the same questions! If you got answers wrong you can correct them, which will cement the information in your mind. Use your book and notes to make your own corrections first, and then ask teachers for information you can’t find.
  7. Make sure you are eating and sleeping right. Eating “brain foods,” as we learned in learning lab, will help your brain work and not tire easily. Also, even if this sounds like an overused, nagging mantra: make sure to get enough sleep. Your brain needs to rest and recharge.
  8. Don’t stress yourself out. You have been working hard all year- you’ve got this. Second guessing yourself is only going to cause you to make mistakes. So prepare, be confident, and have a growth mindset as you tackle final exams.