The Great Christmas Music Debate: When is the Right to Time to Start?

The Great Christmas Music Debate: When is the Right to Time to Start?

Jocelyn Kelly '18, Staff Writer

As the Christmas season approaches, people seem to become more and more festive as times go on. However, the most common disagreements I hear are always about Christmas music. To quote Buddy the Elf, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” And, although many agree with this statement, what time is it appropriate to actually start spreading Christmas cheer? Whether it’s November 1st or after Thanksgiving has passed, no one seems to be able to agree when it is actually appropriate to start listening to these joyful tunes. So, I decided to go out and discover once and for all when it is appropriate to begin listening to Christmas music.

Starting bright and early, Grace Alyea 18’ thinks it is okay to begin listening to Christmas music November 1st. “The music is just so joyful,” she said, “and thanksgiving doesn’t have any music; Christmas does.” Grace went on to describe November as a “snowless December;” therefore it is okay to listen to Christmas music before thanksgiving comes. Besides Grace, I didn’t find many people who enjoyed Christmas music on November 1st, so I decided to travel outside of the Montrose community. Brittney Champagne, a junior at Hanover High School, said “Christmas is definitely the most jubilant holiday of the year, the holiday season just makes me feel so elated that I always like to start getting in the spirit as soon as possible.” Although Alyea and Champagne bring up good points, most still believe that Christmas music is not appropriate until after Thanksgiving.

Kira Dharni 18’ said that Christmas music should not be listened to until after Thanksgiving. “I think you should take the holidays one at a time,” she said, adding: “Take time to relax and bond with your family during Thanksgiving, and then you can move on to celebrating Christmas.” Kira also added that despite her love for Christmas, she thinks some people might be a little too excited and speed by the other holidays. Keely Dumouchel 18’ and Nora Clancy 18’ that Christmas music isn’t appropriate until after Thanksgiving.

Despite what date they believed it was acceptable to start listening, all the students agreed that Christmas was an extremely jubilant season and worth celebrating to the hilt.