Semi 2017: Rave Reviews

The Class of 2017.

The Class of 2017.

Jenna McCarthy '19, Contributing Writer


The 2017 Upper School Montrose Semi Formal was a tremendous success! Between the delicious food, the catchy music, and of course the Instagram-worthy pictures, everyone was dancing and having a good time. Read on for Montrosians’ thoughts on the night based on an online upper-school survey.

Montrosians found the the food to range from good to excellent. Many students claimed that the chicken, pasta, mashed potatoes, and, obviously, the ice cream were their favorites. One student proclaimed, “CHICKEN=Favorite, and another succinctly wrote: “Least=Green Beans (but that is understandable).” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Many Montrosians thought that DJ did a good job, and found the music to fit their liking. One student replied, “SO good!!!! Much better than last year’s playlist. I really knew most of the songs, and they were all a ton of fun to sing and dance to. I also liked how we could request songs if we wanted to.” Another wrote, “I LOVED IT! SO MUCH FUN.” Many girls were not the biggest fans of rap, Hannah Montana songs, and songs they didn’t know existed. Students felt that a few songs the DJ played were boring and outdated; others wished for more slow songs. However, one girl explained, “I thought the music was way better than most of us were expecting. We are all pleasantly surprised by the music that was played.”

Most students loved, loved, loved the photobooth! Personally, the photobooth was probably my favorite part of semi as well. Students said: “It was a cool and new idea which almost everyone went to and each person who was in your picture got a cute magnet with your picture. It was so much fun and I hope they do it again next year!” and “It was really fun and great to keep as memories.” I agree, ladies, the photobooth was a fun time. Some people thought it was different, interactive, and a welcome break from dancing, and those who didn’t get the chance to visit it were admittedly disappointed. A Montrosian laments, “It’s a cute idea and I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to do it.” Hopefully, the photobooth will return next semi, and remain open just a little bit longer.

Many Montrosians weren’t big fans of the snow machines. One student said, “The snow machine was kinda rough. The snow looked pretty, but tasted horrible.” Another student agreed saying, “Don’t have the snow-it got in your mouth and tasted like poison.” I thought the snow machine was cute idea as the theme of the dance was Winter Wonderland. However, the best part of Montrose semi was dancing with your friends and the ice cream bar. Montrose Semi is the perfect opportunity to have a fun time with your friends outside of school and dance the night away. In addition, all responses were huge fans of Lakeview Pavilion. One student replied short and sweet: “Love Lakeview! It’s such a pretty location!” Another student agreed, “ It was really beautiful with all the chandeliers and the elegant tables and couches which made the party more fun and gave the atmosphere a touch of elegance along with fun. You definitely get your money’s worth at the Montrose semi.” Other girls were fans of the bathrooms’ lighting, the formal setting, and the spacious venue. Overall, the Montrose Semi Formal was fantastic!