A View from the Goal: Reflections on JV Field Hockey’s Winning Season

A View from the Goal: Reflections on JV Field Hockey's Winning Season

Barbara Whitlock

Molly Bowman '18

Molly Bowman helped lead a nearly undefeated season as goalie for Montrose’s  Junior Varsity Field Hockey Team. When she started the fall season, she had planned to return to soccer, but Coach Blackburn recruited her for goalie. Read Molly’s reflections on the season:

The JV field hockey team is a well-developed, almost undefeated team. We had 11 games; we tied once, and lost only twice. We had many ups and downs this season. Despite 4+ injuries, (mostly minor) we had many wins. Sophia S. got asked to play with the varsity! I am so proud of our team in every way. They are strong, competitive, and they are funny. They are good girls to hangout with!

     We have 3 exchange students who were new to the team and who played brilliantly. We have super strong offensive players, a powerful defense, and an extraordinary sweeper line, that all contributed to 6 shutout games during the season. But none of this could have happened without the loving guidance of our coach, Mrs. Sparicio. She has helped us every step of the way, from encouraging us on the bus, to organizing all of the games (with Coach Blackburn’s leadership). Mrs. Sparicio was such a big help to our team. We had many great moments together.

     At the end of the last game, Sofia’s Mom brought cookies. I was dared to eat 6 and I ate 7.  Emma never wore her goggles on the field, so we as a team had to keep reminding her to wear them. The party at the end of the season was a blast! I love this team so much and I cannot wait to see what these crazy kids will bring next season in field hockey!